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Carpentry & Construction of Pergolas, Patios, Roofing, Decks, Carports, and Covers. Camden Builder for Over 15 Years. Quality, Service & Value Guaranteed. Licence No. 231552C

Decks, Pergolas, Patios, Timber & Steel Roofing

Macarthur Decks & Pergolas is locally owned and based in Camden NSW, managed and operated by Lachlan Humphries. Lachlan and his team of pergola installers service all of the Macarthur area including Camden, Narellan, The Oaks, Picton, Gregory Hills, Oran Park and surrounds, providing high-quality and affordable carpentry solutions.

Custom Carpentry & Joinery

We’ve built more decks and pergolas than we’ve had hot breakfasts. Our methods are efficient and our pergola builders always build to the best quality standards for an impressive, long-lasting finish. We also build all kinds of timber screens, garden edges, pool decking, timber enclosures for pool pumps, carports, custom-made gates, handrails and barriers, and many more!

Upgrades, Extensions & Decking Repairs

The big question is whether to screw down or nail your decking boards to the joists. With the proper equipment and experience, your decking boards can be screwed down quickly and neatly, which will prevent your decking from lifting and the nails from creating trip hazards. The nailgun is an unnecessary shortcut that costs the customer in the long run. Quality first is the policy we apply across all our projects, so hire our pergola builders and you will see what we were talking about!

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Macarthur Decks and Pergolas is a local builder from Camden NSW working in construction and carpentry for over 15 years. Our building services cover many areas of South West Sydney, including Macarthur, Southern Highlands, Wollondilly, and Nepean. We stand by the quality of our constructions and look forward to building your next project. Licence No. 231552C

Ausdeck patios and roofing distributor and installer.

Authorised Distributor and Installer of Ausdeck Patios & Roofing

Ausdeck is an Australian Manufacturer of single skin and insulated roofing systems. Macarthur Decks & Pergolas is an Authorised Distributor of Ausdeck Patios & Roofing products, which are purpose-built per project and “Built for Entertaining”.

Lachlan Humphries - builder and owner of Macarthur Decks and Pergolas.

Only Using Quality Timber, Decking & Building Materials

Our constructions are build strong to last. Choose from a huge range of quality timbers and finishes, plus a range of eco-friendly decking materials that are easier to maintain and last longer than timber. We can assist to design, plan and build your decking and patio as a complete package.

Examples of steel roof styles and colour options.

Custom Designs with Many Styles, Profiles & Colour Options to Choose From

We offer flexible design options to create the ideal outdoor living area that will compliment your existing structures and surroundings. We can build your style of roof, in your choice of colours, with a range of single skin, insulated ribbed, and insulated corrugated roofing products.

Support beam side profile view.

15 Years Warranty on Ausdeck Patios & Roofing Materials

Team with your trusted local builder (that’s us!) to professionally design and build your outdoor entertaining using Ausdeck Patios & Roofing systems. Receive a 15-year manufacturers warranty on all eligible Ausdeck patio systems, plus our Macarthur Decks and Pergolas licensed builder’s guarantee.

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Why Choose Macarthur Decks & Pergolas?

No-Obligation Free Quote

We’ll come to you anywhere in the Macarthur area to provide a free initial consultation and quote for your project. Macarthur Decks and Pergolas is a Camden-based company, with over 10 years of local experience, specialising in decks and pergolas. By specialising in small additions (rather than large building projects), we are able to streamline our operations to keep costs down and deliver our projects on time for the customer.

Guaranteed Quality

Macarthur Decks and Pergolas will design and construct your ideal deck or pergola to fit perfectly with your home. We will talk to you about different aspects of your project that will impact the cost, quality, and maintenance, so you can make an informed decision with regards to choosing the right materials and design. Ultimately, the choice is yours – choose from a range of materials and design options and our pergola builders are responsible for the rest.

Built to Last

There’s nothing worse than a timber deck that’s falling apart because the nails are coming loose from weathering. Our standard practice is to screw down every piece of timber decking (rather than nailing), to finish the project by oiling or painting, and to educate the customer on how to maintain their new deck or pergola. In addition to timber decking, there is a range of man-made timber-like materials that require less maintenance and last a very long time.

Design & Installation of 100% Australian Made Ausdeck Patios & Roofing

Affordable roofing solutions with endless design possibilities and 15 years warranty

Macarthur Decks and Pergolas offer affordable roofing systems that are designed specifically for home improvement applications. Choose from a range of insulated, single skin, and marine rated roofing to create the ultimate outdoor roofing for your home. Macarthur Decks and Pergolas is the local carpenter of choice for Camden, Elderslie, Narellan, Harrington Park, Mount Annan, Currans Hill, The Oaks, and Picton. Our work is visible in many of the newly developed areas around Macarthur such as Gregory Hills, and Oran Park Town, as well as some of the more established suburbs such as Elderslie, Harrington Park, and Mount Annan.


Insulated Roofing

Your custom-designed Ausdeck Insulated roofing comes with your choice of 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm, 125mm or 150 mm fire retardant insulated core: a roofing solution that reduces heat transmission and that insulates against noise from rain and storms. This energy-efficient insulation keeps your outdoor area cool in summer and warm in winter.


Single Skin Roofing

Ausdeck’s V-Line is an affordable, single skin roofing system designed specifically for home improvement applications.

Ausdeck V-Line is a feature-packed patio roofing material with a smooth, clean VJ appearance and an 80% high gloss ceiling finish.

It’s manufactured with a plastic protective film, which is removed during installation and features a weatherproof joining system, fluted beams and profiled powder coated posts.

Coloured finish coat for roofing.

Marine Plus Roofing

In locations close to water and pools, premature deterioration of steel structures may occur. Marine Plus has been designed specifically to withstand these harsh environments and offer a site-specific warranty of up to 15 years.

Unlike any other, Marine Plus is a complete system, meaning protection and peace of mind across all components of your new outdoor living area.

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